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Sept. 10-16, 2017

DSP Recognition Week

Sept. 10-16, 2017

A Special Message from Ric Swierat, Executive Director


We are proud of the enthusiastic, compassionate and hard work of our Direct Support Professionals at Arc of Westchester. Their dedication to our important work enriches the lives of people we support.





“Joyful participation doesn't just happen. It happens when people create a nurturing environment. We appreciate the DSPs at Arc of Westchester for their patient hard work every day.”

— Janet Del Greco, parent

“DSPs are what makes the Arc of Westchester what we are. Thank you!”

— Katharine W. Conroy, Board Member  

“Our son moved from the family home to Linette Court and we’ve been amazed and pleased with the care and support he has received from the wonderful DSPs.  The staff have made his transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. ”

— Anne Majsak, Board Member/Parent


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“My son and DSP Paul Bennett talk about music, enjoy lunch and share jokes.   At the same time, Paul pushes him to stretch his capabilities and grow as a person.  We are delighted to have such a dedicated DSP in our son’s life.”

— Mark Glucksman, Parent/Board Member

We Love Our DSPs

Some comments from co-workers and family members.


“Thank you, Ossining Day Program DSPs for your strong teamwork and compassion!”

— Millie Gaines


“Arc of Westchester's services and supports would not be what they are without the dedication and hard work of our DSP workforce!”

—  Lolli Ross


“ DSPs are the backbone of our Day Habilitation Program. Their understanding and knowledge of the individuals they support is extraordinary”

— Robin Burnett


I am often moved when I see an individual side by side with a DSP, laughing and talking, and being treated with such respect.

— Anonymous


It takes a special person to help another learn, grow and find their voice and DSPs do it with patience and grace every day.”

— Kelly Wall


DSPs are wonderful ambassadors for the Arc of Westchester.”

— Lynn Minzloff


“Every day, in every way, DSPs support people to live their lives fully and with dignity. They are talented athletes, musicians, dancers, teachers, reverends, songwriters, actors, great cooks, singers, writers, poets, craftspeople and artists who enrich the lives of those they support by generously sharing their talents.”

— Rosemarie Crisafi

“My husband and I are grateful to all the personnel at Arc of Westchester, especially DSP Deidre Dandridge. “Thank you” almost seems to be inadequate for everything she does.”

— John and Barbara Grandfield, Parents

“My son reaches his full potential as a person because of DSP Ricardo Lewis' patient guidance and understanding. Sometimes a person comes into your life and you wonder how you ever got by without them. Ricardo has been that person for our son and brother.”

— Bernice Ryan Osborne, Parent