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Laurence P. Gottlieb, Keynote Speaker Press Release

Laurence P. Gottlieb, Director of Economic Development Office of the County Executive, Keynote Speaker

Businesses Honored for Hiring Workers with Developmental Disabilities at Annual Breakfast

HAWTHORNE, NY – April 28, 2011 – Arc of Westchester’s Employer Recognition Breakfast honored more than 20 local businesses and civic groups for their support in hiring people with developmental disabilities at the Westchester Marriott on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Guest Speaker Laurence P. Gottlieb, Director of Economic Development, Office of the County Executive addressed more than 200 guests and discussed the importance of employing individuals with developmental disabilities. Honored guests included Janet DiFiore, Westchester County District Attorney; Evan Latainer, Director, Westchester County Office for the Disabled; Charles Lesnick, Yonkers City Council President; Kenneth Jenkins, Westchester County Legislator and Timonthy Idoni, Westchester County Clerk

Honorees ranged from businesses such as ShopRite, Whole Foods, NYS Unified Court System, Sears, Starbucks, McDonalds, UPS to community organizations and schools (see below for complete list)

  • Special Partnership Award: ShopRite, Scarsdale and ShopRite, White Plains
    Presented to an organization that has championed jobs for people with disabilities and has been a special advocate for one of its employees.
  • Educational Partnership Award: Ardsley High School and Somers High School
    Presented to a school or school system that, in partnership with Arc of Westchester’s Career Planning Services, has supported students entering the workforce.
  • Special Advocate Award: Lamin Humma, Whole Foods Market, White Plains
    Presented to an individual who has made special efforts to find employment opportunities for Arc of Westchester consumers.
  • Civic Partnership Award: The Town of Cortlandt and New York State Unified Court System
    Presented to a government organization that provides employment opportunities to Arc of Westchester consumers.
  • Continuing Corporate Partnership Award: ImageWork Technologies Corporation
    Presented to a business that is a constant employer of Arc of Westchester consumers
  • Bridge to Employment Award: Family Court Sports
    Presented to an employer who provides training to develop job skills for Arc of Westchester consumers entering the workforce.
  • Business Partnership Award: Eurest Dining Services and Sears
    Presented to an organization that works with Arc of Westchester to find business opportunities
  • Special Appreciation Award: Arthur Maggiola, CPA, Maggiola & Gemborowski and Harlene Greenberg, Mount Kisco Target
    Presented to individuals who have been special friends of Arc of Westchester
  • Employment Development Award: Country Childrens Center Farm Site
    Presented to a business that has provided training to Arc of Westchester consumers.
  • Long-Standing Employer Award: Starbucks, Mount Kisco; Westchester Marriott and McDonalds
    Presented to a business that has been providing work opportunities to Arc of Westchester consumers for many years.
  • New Partnership Award: Kmart and UPS
    Presented to a business that we are working with for the first time to create job opportunities
  • Business Leadership Award: Dee DelBello, Publisher, Westchester County Business Journal
    Presented to a recognized business leader who connects the Arc of Westchester with the business community
  • Anthony Cannata Memorial Employee Award: Michael Barden and Andrew Ostrovsky
    Presented to an individual or individuals whose hard work and dedication sets an example for all Arc of Westchester consumers.

Arc of Westchester is the largest agency in the county serving people of all ages who have disabilities such as autistic spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. Currently celebrating over 60 years in the community, Arc of Westchester has long advocated social inclusion for individuals with disabilities because of benefits the to entire community.

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