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Art By: Susan Green

3-5 Years

A range of child development services

Our pre-school programs serve children with developmental disabilities from three to five years of age. These services include:
  • Evaluations performed by a team of professionals at our centrally located site or at community settings throughout Westchester.
  •  Related services and Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT), assistant teachers, aides and speech therapists who provide their services at community programs;
  • Special classes in an integrated setting, where children with disabilities, including those who have autism or pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), attend a larger class with typically developing students in settings throughout Westchester;
  •  Full-day center-based pre-school classes held at our centrally located site in Hawthorne and serve children from both Westchester and Putnam Counties.
  • Educational advocacy provides training, information and support for families.  This includes training in self-advocacy, attendance at educational meetings with families, and linking parents with advocacy groups and resources. Supports such as workshops and seminars are routinely provided.

Preschool Success Stories

Social Skills Group for Children with Autism

The Children’s School for Early Development is sponsoring a program that will provide graduates of The Children’s School as well as members of the community with an opportunity to increase and maintain their social skills, with the aim of expanding these skills to new environments.