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Art By: George Ortiz

The Arc Leadership Award Presented Ric Swierat

Posted on : 11/09/2018

The 2018 Arc’s National Convention, taking place in Nashville, TN,  is the setting for recognizing those who represent the best of the core values of The Arc and NCE. Executives of chapters of The Arc have been working together all over the country to make America a better place to live for people with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities, along with their families, friends and communities.

The National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE) presents awards annually to those among us who represent the best of the core values of The Arc. The NCE Award Program recognizes the awardees for their outstanding efforts to fulfill the mission, core values and position statements of The Arc. This year, former Arc Westchester Executive Director Ric Swierat was presented with the Exemplary Career Leadership Award. Congratulations Ric!

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