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Art By: George Ortiz

Art Celebrates Autism Awareness at Westchester Government Offices

Posted on : 04/10/2018

On April 2nd, our newest gallery265  exhibit was unveiled via a press conference at the Westchester County Office in White Plains in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Ric Swierat, Executive Director of The Arc Westchester, alongside gallery265 Chairman Robert Miss, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to display the pieces of our permanent collection, and highlighted the importance of giving individuals with disabilities the tools to express themselves. “The product of the art really comes from within their own spirit,” said Swierat. “What you will see here today is not just an expression of art, but an expression of the soul.”

Robert Miss emphasized the importance of inclusion and understanding of Autism and the individuals affected by it. “What you are seeing behind us is the spectrum. Beautiful and colorful.”  

Guests walked through the installation, located in Mike’s Bridge Gallery, and shared their excitement of having the pieces on display. “This wall has been empty for so long. These pieces bring joy, happiness, and life into this office,” said one person. Another rejoiced, “The people around here are going to love this!”

Also in attendance at the event were Westchester County Executive George Latimer, Director of The Office for People with Disabilities Evan Latainer and County Legislator David Tubiolo. The County Executive said during his remarks, “When you look at the artwork here,  I’m watching people [who] can’t be categorized by anything other than the artistic talent that they put out in display, the statement of who they are as a person that’s reflected in their artwork”.

The gallery265 artwork exhibit will be the first installation of art in the space since 9/11, when the walkway was closed to the public. One gentleman made the point, “This exhibit works hand-in-hand with Latimer’s vision of community involvement”.   

Our gallery265 artwork will be on display at the Westchester County Office for one year. If you would like to learn more about the program check out our page

Ric Swierat and Rob Miss hold an interview with FIOS1.

Westchester County presented The Arc Westchester's gallery265 with a Certificate of Merit on behalf of Autism Awareness Month.

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