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Art By: George Ortiz

Back to School Tips for Parents

Posted on : 08/30/2017

Back to School Jitters?

  • More than not, apprehension for starting school is due to the fear of the unknown. One helpful tip would be to visit the school before the academic year begins. Getting yourself and your child use to the environment might be a great way to take away some of the first day nerves.
  • If a visit to the school is not possible, make a visual social story to map out what the coming days would be like. Include schedule, teachers names, and if possible, pictures of the school.    
  • If your child is not in a self-contained classroom, talking with the teacher to provide visual aids in the classroom, and well as with the student can be helpful as well.


Working with Teachers . . .

  • Have a good communication with your child’s teachers and instructors. Be sure that they know your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and any triggers/behavioral concerns.  
  • Be sure to keep track and log all conversations you have with teachers and school administrators. These will help you have references for future meetings.   
  • Being fully knowledgeable of your child’s IEP goals, when it expires, and when they are up for reevaluation. Make sure the IEP goals are still up-to-date and relevant to your child’s needs.  


Being up-to-date with Everything!

  • Be fully aware of any changes to your child’s IEP, school policy changes, educational legislation, or events happening at the school
  • Be sure to try and attend all school events such as: open houses, back to school night and of course parent teacher conferences. This will ensure a strong relationship with not only your child’s main teacher, but also other faculty. 


Have a great school year ahead!


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