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Art By: George Ortiz

gallery265 Art Exhibit at HSBC

Posted on : 11/01/2016

We all have hidden talents that we just haven’t yet discovered. Maybe you’re secretly a gifted tap dancer or would be stellar pianist. At Arc of Westchester, we aim to provide those we support with ample opportunities to explore their passions and identify these strengths. One such program is gallery265, Arc of Westchester’s creative arts program.

Now through November 18, patrons of HSBC in Pelham can enjoy a lobby art exhibit featuring original works from gallery265.

Art is a form of expression. For individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, in particular, it can be a means of channeling their thoughts, feelings and emotions. These creative works on display at HSBC demonstrate each artist’s appreciation of composition and color, and offer a window into their unique personalities and viewpoints. Art also enhances a person’s self-esteem and overall well-being. It’s therapeutic to create and rewarding to see others enjoying your creation.

Ralph and Annette Mauro are longtime supporters of Arc of Westchester and introduced HSBC to gallery265. Their daughter, Jennifer, has Down syndrome and attended The Children’s School for Early Development as a young child. She has since graduated from high school and is now transitioning into the workforce through Arc of Westchester’s Choices program.

The Mauros know firsthand the importance of finding your talents and celebrating them, as their daughter Jennifer has written poetry for gallery265. Having artwork publically displayed at HSBC of Pelham allows our artists to feel a sense of pride and genuine connection to the community.

We are so thankful to HSBC of Pelham for shining a light on our local artists and raising awareness of their capabilities. There is an enormous pool of talent at Arc of Westchester; you never know what someone can do if they’re just given the chance.  

HSBC of Pelham, N.Y. is located at 50 Fifth Ave., Pelham, New York 10803. We hope you’ll visit!

At left, Debra T. Jones, Vice President, Senior Branch Manager at HSBC in Pelham along with Jennifer Mauro.

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