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Art By: George Ortiz

Recognizing and Rewarding Greatness: Our 26th Annual Employer Recognition Breakfast

Posted on : 04/30/2014

Dear Family and Friends,

For 65 years, Arc of Westchester has been creating meaningful jobs for people with developmental disabilities and autism. Last Friday we gathered with our partners from the business community to celebrate our amazing accomplishments.

Our career and employment programs aren’t just about giving people a place to go. We help people find their interests and develop their talents. We make sure each person is integrated technically and culturally to his or her workplace. And we stay involved every step of the way.

Today, we have 350 adults working in law firms, government offices, health clubs, day care centers, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, pharmacies and a pharmaceutical company.

Progress doesn’t happen overnight. But over the years, we’ve built strong networks and today our people are making meaningful contributions at more than 250 companies in Westchester.

Our 26th Annual Employers Recognition Breakfast was a very special event for everyone involved. We were inspired to hear our guest government officials talk enthusiastically about how our career programs are changing Westchester’s workplace landscape.

I think we did a great job at recognizing and rewarding the many accomplishments of our business partners, but for me, the most touching moments of the morning came when I heard people speaking about a shared desire to help each other.

Kevin McGuire, Westchester County Commissioner of Social Services, may have said it best when he spoke about the 3 C’s: confidence, courage and caring about people. So many of the people who champion and participate in our career and employment programs embody these characteristics.

Even as we continue to grow and expand our relationships with the business community and cultivate talents and skills in our program participants, we’re keeping a third mission in mind: expanding public awareness of the good work we do.

Arc of Westchester wants Westchester families to know that there are fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities for their sons and daughters. And we want area businesses to know about the benefits of diverse, inclusionary workplaces.

Ernie Garcia, a staff writer at The Journal News, has been helping us expand awareness of our programs through his recent reporting. In case you missed his front-page story from March 26, I’m including a link to it here. Please read it and share it with your family, friends and business associates.

Some of our longest standing employment partnerships were born through friendships, networking, and word of mouth. Our programs make a real difference for individuals, for families, for workplaces and for our employers’ bottom lines. Please visit our website’s newly updated career & employment section to find out more about what we do.

And please join me in congratulating all of this year’s award winners.

With warm regards,

Richard P. Swierat, Executive Director
Arc of Westchester

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