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The Arc Westchester started with a mother's dream for her child...and it continues
because of you.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2019, we are reminded that one small newspaper ad placed by Ann Greenberg in 1948, a mother seeking to create a preschool program for her son with Down syndrome, spurred a paradigm shift. Thanks to fierce advocates like Ann individuals with developmental disabilities now enjoy positive and enriching lives as members of their communities. At The Arc Westchester, we believe inclusion makes our communities stronger.

With your support, The Arc Westchester can continue to be a leader in providing innovative services and supports for children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. You may also wish to make your gift in Memory or Honor of someone special. Thank you for ongoing support and advocacy.

Annual Membership Minimum: $15 Individual $25 Family

P.S. One of the most financially wise ways to give is through the transfer of stocks. Learn More

Building Bright Futures

“When I came to The Arc Westchester’s Children’s School for Early Development 15 years ago, I never imagined that this organization would give me so much more than I have given to it. I take great pride in teaching and helping our youngest program participants build skills that will help them succeed at home, in school and in the community.”

—  Jackie Logozio, substitute teacher,
2018 Building Futures Award Recipient

Bake the World a Better Place

“Daniel and his colleagues from The Arc Westchester are important members of our team. Their positive attitudes and strong work ethic are welcome additions to our company. Becoming a part of The Arc Westchester’s employment program was a wonderful decision for our business.”

— Helene Godin, owner, By the Way Bakery,
2018 New Business Partner Award Recipient

Supporting the Entire Arc of a Life

“When my son, Jason, was born 43 years ago, families were often encouraged to send children with special needs to an institution. We chose to enroll Jason in early intervention at The Children’s School when he was just 10 days old. Today, my son lives in a group home run by The Arc Westchester and holds a job. I am so happy to be part of The Arc Westchester Family.”

— Emily Kingsley, parent and advocate

Stock Donation

One of the most financially wise ways to give is through the transfer of stocks.