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Dear friends,

How does the parent of a child with developmental disabilities provide the foundation needed for their child to thrive in inclusionary settings? How can adults who struggle to speak realize their dreams to contribute to their communities?

For 68 years, Arc of Westchester has led a cultural change in the way individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn, work and live full lives in their communities. How do we do this? We listen to the people in our programs, learn their individual talents and desires, and then provide the supports they need to be successful. Thanks to the “no limits” mindset upheld by Arc of Westchester, these talented individuals of all ages are learning alongside their friends, working in local businesses, pursuing their passion for art or music, and making incredible contributions to their communities.

Many of Arc of Westchester’s greatest accomplishments are made possible because of your generous support. Thanks to you, The Children’s School currently supports hundreds of young children in inclusionary preschool education and more than 600 adults are working and volunteering throughout Westchester County. To more fully understand the impact of your generosity, I encourage you to meet Dominic and Crystal, who share their stories below. Together, we will continue to build stronger communities in which there are no limits to what individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can accomplish. Thank you for your gift.

Richard P. Swierat, Executive Director
Arc of Westchester


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Meet Dominic . . .

“When my son was first diagnosed, my goal was for him to smile again and rediscover joy in his surroundings. Now, I have ‘reach for the stars’ goals for him – hold down a job, get married. Early on, I was afraid to hope for this. Today, I’m not.”

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Meet Crystal . . .

I’m proud that I came a long way from when I first came to Arc of Westchester and I’m still going. I’m growing as I’m going and I’m proud of myself.”

Read Crystal's Story



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Together, we are making an impact!

New Beginnings

We support people of all ages at The Arc Westchester. Hear from two moms who share their story about the Children's School for Early Development.

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No Limits

A video highlighting the enormous cultural change that has occurred over the past 35 years in the way we provide supports.

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