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Our Services


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Getting started


The Children’s School for Early Development collaborates with nursery schools, child care centers, and public school Pre-K’s and Head Start programs throughout Westchester County to offer inclusion classrooms. We have two center based special classes located at our main school office in Hawthorne, one special class in the community and we have 24 Special Classes in an Integrated Setting located throughout Westchester County.

Our preschool offers full day special classes, full day special class in an integrated setting, 3 hour special classes in and integrated setting and related service in the community. We are able to accept students from both Westchester and Putnam County and provide speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

We provide both speech therapy and special education itinerant teachers to work with children in their home or a community setting. Occupational and physical therapy, counseling or family training as a related service outside of one of our classes.

Getting an evaluation is the first step!

  1. You first contact Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE).
  2. Make arrangements to complete all necessary evaluations and a meeting with the CPSE follows.
  3. The Children's School contacts the family to set up an observation and tour.
  4. The Children's School contacts parents and CPSE to recommend appropriate sites.
  5. CPSE approves placement and Individual Education Plan (IEP) is generated.