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Art By: Linda Kenny


Empowerment, confidence, and skills for success



Daniel Fuster and Patsy Ginese interview The Honorable Nita Lowey on subjects including disability rights, Medicaid cuts and effective advocating.

Learn About SANYS (Self-Advocacy Association of New York State)


Self-advocates are people with developmental disabilities who speak up for themselves and for others.  Here at The Arc Westchester, we are guided by the motto, “Nothing about us, without us”, in our efforts to support our self-advocates.

Our self-advocates have made tremendous strides towards becoming an important voice in the community and in the operations of our organization. They are quickly becoming a key partner, along with other family members and advocacy organizations, in the quest for meaningful inclusion in mainstream society.

For information on how you can join the self-advocates at The Arc Westchester, please contact Patsy Ginese, [email protected]

To learn more about the Self-Advocacy Association of NYS (SANYS) movement in general, please contact Cynthia Gilchrist at [email protected] or call 518.382.1454. You can also learn more about self-advocacy at SANYS' website:

SANYS provides several services:

  • We start and support self-advocacy groups
  • We provide community presentations on disabilities awareness
  • We hold many events where self-advocates can meet and learn from each other
  • We advocate for a more person-centered system of supports for people with disabilities

For more information, please visit the Self-Advocacy Association of New York website.