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CARE Awards 2014

Care and Respect Everyday (CARE Award)

We are very proud of all of the professional, innovative and caring individuals who are part of the Arc of Westchester family of staff. We recently recognized sixteen of some of our best employees with a CARE Award. 

This recognition has been awarded to a Direct Care Professional who surpasses expectations by helping embrace and cultivate the talents and dreams of individuals with developmental disabilities. They consistently maintain a level of positivity and enthusiasm for every task at hand. By doing so, these individuals serve as an example for others and help contribute to a culture of care and respect at the Arc of Westchester. Congratulations to them all.

Meet a Teacher

For 20 years, Ronni Mandell has helped students with special needs learn to participate successfully in inclusionary classrooms. This year, Ronni volunteered to add a young boy with difficulty integrating to Universal Pre-Kindergarten to her already capacity classroom. His behavior issues and reluctance to go to school gradually changed into smiles and enthusiasm. With specialized interventions, the boy’s interests and strengths began to emerge in class. He began to sing and talk with his parents about his friends at school. After a few months, the parents were excited to report that their son was now being invited to his classmates’ birthday parties. In a parent conference, the boy’s mother thanked Ronni “for giving me back my son.”

Meet a Job Placement Specialist

Michael Papa, a Job Placement Specialist, has been a beacon of light since his first day with Arc of Westchester in 2011. Michael ensures that individuals have successful experiences in their workplaces. Michael works every day not only to solve problems, but also to prevent them. He gets to know each of the individuals he oversees, as well as their workplaces, employers, co-workers and families. He checks on the status of certifications and helps individuals renew paperwork. He visits his teams on site at their workplaces and creates improvement strategies. And above all, Michael listens. He knows how to help people because he really hears them. One individual that Michael supports often says “Michael is the brother I never had.”

Meet a Residence Counselor

As a staff member working in one of our homes in northern Westchester for more than three years, Eric Alexis works hard to ensure our residents are treated with dignity and respect. Last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Eric stayed at his post for three days straight to provide support to the men who live there. During this time, Eric put the needs of our residents above his own family. He worked to keep the men calm and engaged with productive activities and he also was instrumental in activating a relocation plan for the residents to other homes when the power outage continued. His supervisor emphasizes that Eric is an inspirational employee who often goes out of his way to support the talents and dreams of the individuals in his care.


Meet Them All!

All of our CARE Award Recipients have their unique story. Read more

Pamelia Philpot, Residential Pelham Road
Ernest Daniel, Residential Chatterton
Paulette Lattibeaudiere, Residential Croton
Eric Alexis, Residential Pound Ridge
Corey Evans, Residential Borcher
Margaret Edwards, Residential Supportive
Kareene Lloyd, Residential Inverness
Vincent Loggia, Residential Ossining
Michael Papa, Supported Employment Mt. Kisco
Erica Irizarry, Choices
Lillian Okombo, Day Habilitation Peekskill
Robert Lampo, Day Habilitation White Plains
Sarah DiPillo, Day Habilitation Yonkers
Irene Roman, MSC
Ronni Mandell, Preschool
Sharan Jaffee, Preschool