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Quality of Life

Take the Quality of Life Test


  • Did you choose where and with whom you will live?
  • Do you select the food items you eat daily from among various appealing alternatives?
  • Can you have a pet in your home, if you choose?
  • Do you have friends, including peers without disabilities, who are not paid to be with you?
  • Do you have or can you pursue an intimate and enduring relationship with the person you choose?
  • Are you a member of, or can you join, a club, social organization, or civic group if you wish?
  • Do you feel safe and free of harm in your home?
  • Do you decide how to spend your money?
  • Do you shop in stores in the community and use services such as banks, the post office, hair stylists, and doctors to meet your needs?
  • Can you shower, toilet, and dress in privacy in your own home, or with assistance from someone you choose?
  • Do you have a job in a typical work setting that pays at least minimum wage?