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Career & Employment Supports

Designed to drive your success

The Arc Westchester has many different paths to help you get ready for a career of your dreams





Watch the videos below to hear our team members talk about the different Career & Employment preparation programs at Arc of Westchester.

Transition Planning

It is never too early to start transition planning for children, teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With the support and guidance of Arc of Westchester’s Navigation Team, we will break down the transition process into small, sequential steps.

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Choices Program

Choices is for people 18 years and up and its main mission is to help people find their unique skills and talents as they are transitioning from a school setting to the workplace. Through Choices people grow as individuals and develop valuable life skills that they will be able to bring to their future jobs. Ninety percent of people who participate in the Choices Program go on to be gainfully employed.

Career Achievement Training & Internships

The Career Achievement Training & Internship program provides training and services to young adults to help them transition from high school to the working world. The program includes a series of classes and internships that gives people the skills and real-world training they need to ultimately secure paying jobs. We recognize that everyone is different and our program allows people to progress through classes and internship rotations at their own speed.

Adult Employment Services

As part of our Adult Employment Services program we have hundreds of people working in paid jobs throughout the community. Arc of Westchester job placement specialists work closely with the employers and the employees to make sure that the individual is contributing to the company’s workplace in a meaningful way. The program is also designed to ensure that participants are continually building their marketable job skills.


Not sure where to begin? We will help you with the necessary evaluations, registrations, applications and waivers to navigate many of life’s transitions. 


We are proud to have placed more than 300 employees with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder in community based-jobs.


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