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Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? We have answers!

Please check out our FAQs for parents/individuals and for potential employers.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, call or email Shari Lewitt, Director of Career Supports,
914.495.4491 or [email protected].

For Parents/Individuals For Employers

For Parents/Individuals


My child is in high school. Is it too early to think about his/her career options?

The earlier the better.  Active transition planning starts as early as 14 years of age and is incorporated in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) of your child. The early teenaged years are the best time to explore school programs that will help your child build their skills to prepare for life and work after graduation. Toward the end of your child’s stay at school you are encourage to explore programs that will continue the skill building and preparation for employment.

Our Choices Program is a unique person-centered way for high school graduates learn about community integration, personal development skills, career goal exploration, participate in internships and secure employment, self-advocacy and adult life after high school. Through the Choices Program, students will participate in role playing and team building projects that will prepare them to collaborate with their peers and mentors in real-world employment. Ninety percent of people who participate in the Choices Program go on to be gainfully employed.

What if a person has not had a job or any type of job training before? Can you help them?

Yes! Arc of Westchester matches adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities with one of our 250 employment partners across the county. We have career opportunities in offices, retail stores, restaurants and schools. Our job coaches will conduct all of the necessary training and will check back on a regular basis.

What if a person doesn’t know what kind of work they want to do or might be good at doing?

Even if a person isn’t sure about what kind of work he or she wants to do, we can help. We use a process called person-centered planning through which we help people define their goals and dreams and then achieve them.

How do you get started with finding a job?

Our intake process looks at an individual’s unique personal skills and achievements. We will help you identify the necessary evaluations, registrations, applications and waivers to navigate many of life’s transitions.  Learn more about the transitions process.

To find out more about getting started with our career and employment services, contact Carol Gearing, Director of the Charles Kingsley Life Planning Center, 914.495.4620 or email [email protected].

What kinds of jobs are available for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with Arc of Westchester?

Over the years, Arc of Westchester has placed people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in a variety of careers. We work with each person individuality to determine their unique talents and will help them find the right job. We have people working in restaurants, stores, offices, schools and in production facilities. We have jobs for people who like being around people as well as for people who would prefer to be behind the scenes.

For Employers

How do I know if partnering with Arc of Westchester is right for my business?

Companies of all sizes and types benefit from having a diverse and skilled workforce. Regardless of your type of business or the size of your company, we will work with you to identify how your needs could be met by one of our candidates. We work with all new employee partners to find the right person for their business needs.

What kind of companies have you successfully worked with in the past?

Arc of Westchester has placed individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, as well as those with autism spectrum disorder, in long-term employment with retail stores, food service companies and restaurants, schools and education facilities, financial services firms, law offices and government offices. We work with a range of public and private employers, in the public domain and in the private sector.

How do I get started?

All of our employee partnerships begin with an in-depth interview with one of our career support specialists. After we gain an understanding of your unique needs and workplace dynamics, we will be able to recommend qualified candidates that have been pre-screened by our team. To find out more about getting started contact Shari Lewitt, Director of Career Supports, 914.495.4491 or email [email protected]

What if I don’t need a full time employee? What if I need more than one employee?

We have several different employment options for individuals and for groups. We can also be flexible as to whether you are making a full-time permanent hire or are hiring a seasonal or contract employee for a set period of time. If we don’t already have a staffing option that fits your needs, we can create a custom program specifically for your business.

Is my company responsible for training the person/people we hire?

Arc of Westchester is responsible for all training of employees that we place with our partner organizations. We are very involved in all new employee introductions and trainings and we stay involved until the job is being done to your satisfaction. 

We also check back in regularly, on a schedule that is pre-determined with each employer, to ensure the employee is functioning in his/her role.

How long can I expect an individual hired through the Arc of Westchester to stay with my company?

Most of the employees that we have placed in employment throughout Westchester county stay in their positions for multiple years. In many instances, individuals will stay with an employer for more than five years.

Should I expect that an employee will continue doing the same job for several years?

As individuals grow and learn, their employment goals may evolve. Our staff continually works to assist individuals to identify their goals and to help define and refine the needed steps to reach these goals.

When an individual that we have placed in your company is ready to take on new responsibilities, a member of our team will step back in to oversee the training process.

What are the benefits to my company/business?

In addition to demonstrating that people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are contributing members of society, your company will also be gaining a reliable employee who values his/her ability to contribute to your business goals and is enthusiastic about being a member of your community. Your company may also be eligible for a Department of Labor tax credit.


Not sure where to begin? We will help you with the necessary evaluations, registrations, applications and waivers to navigate many of life’s transitions. 


We are proud to have placed more than 300 employees with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder in community based-jobs.


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