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Success Stories

Making career dreams come true

With more than 300 people working at 250 companies and agencies throughout Westchester, we are proud to say that we can make your career dreams come true! In this section, we are overjoyed to bring you just a few of our success stories.

Employee Success Stories

Joseph Frank


Joseph Frank began working at ABB Optical Group in Elmsford in 2016. His job requires him to scan and enter lens information into their database and he works at cleaning lenses before packaging.

He inspires and motivates his fellow co-workers. His attention to detail and productivity has earned him full-time status in 2017. ​



Kyle Siczewicz


During his time with Project SEARCH Autism Enhancement, Kyle received hands-on work experience at NewYork-Presbyterian. He spent time in the pharmacy, checking the expiration dates on medications and helping the pharmacists to process prescriptions. Kyle also conducted complex data entry projects for the NewYork-Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain. While Kyle was adept at complex systematic projects, he also had the opportunity to further develop his social and interpersonal skills by spending time with maintenance crews working on collaborative projects.

In July 2013, Kyle joined the offices services team at Jackson Lewis LLP in White Plains. In addition to assisting with special projects, Kye’s responsibilities include filing, copying and organizing supplies.


Grant Dawson


Grant Dawson was hired as a part-time lens engraver at ABB Optical Group in Elmsford in 2016. He engraves corrective lenses using two high-tech engraving machines at the same time.  This is a very detailed and important process and attention to detail is required. His efficiency, work ethic, and constant productivity have earned Grant a full-time position in 2017. 



David Majsak


David is an energetic and friendly young man who was born with Down syndrome. David and his family have been involved with Arc of Westchester since he was very young. From his attendance at our Children’s School for Early Development to his participation in Teen Life Skills and Recreation programs, David has learned to be as independent as possible.

After graduation from high school, our Vocational Training program helped him to explore career opportunities in the community.  Today, David enjoys his independence and spends his free time volunteering at community agencies. He also loves his job working in the cafeteria at IBM in Armonk.


​Kimberly Simons


Kimberly is a loving and smart young woman who was born with Down syndrome. Arc of Westchester’s Career Training and Job Placement services helped Kim discover her skills and our Transition Supports team helped her learn to travel by train and bus around the county.

Kim has worked at the Westchester County Clerk’s office for over 15 years. She loves her work there and takes pride in making deliveries, sorting the mail and filing paperwork. Her supervisor says that Kim lights up every room she enters.


Hear From Our Employers

 Joseph A. Saccomano, Jr.

Office Managing Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.

"For us at Jackson Lewis this isn’t about doing the right thing. This is about doing something that makes sense for the workplace, making it better, and at the same time, working with an organization like the Arc of Westchester to provide an opportunity for somebody to come into the workplace and do an outstanding job. "

 Vince Monaghan

Vice President Lab Operations, ABB Optical Group

“Nobody does it better than Grand and Joseph. They hit their numbers all the time by way of their attention to detail and focus.  Anytime you can get employees who will focus on the job you give them and consistently accomplish the goals you set out for them, you can't ask for much more than that."”


Joanne Deyo


"Regeneron takes pride in doing the right stuff and we think this is the right thing to do. One of the fears a company may have is that they are going to have to supervise an individual all the time and deal with problems they are not use to. Arc of Westchester provides job coaches who supervise the employee based on their skill level. Some need more and others are more independent. The support system is there!"


Jamaar Harold


“We have a group of individuals from Arc of Westchester that organize CD’s and help with media. They do an outstanding job. Not only do we benefit from the additional help, but our customers enjoy the interaction with the group. All of Arc of Westchester employees are helpful, reliable, and friendly.”


​Erin Blessing


“Fujifilm U.S.A appreciates Paul’s commitment to his job and his pride in his work. Paul is always on time and is rarely out sick. He is a valued member of Support Services, and we are extremely proud to have him on our team.”


Project SEARCH Autism Enhancement

Project SEARCH Autism Enhancement is a 10-month vocational preparedness program working with young adults on the autism spectrum ages 18 to 25 years old.  



Not sure where to begin? We will help you with the necessary evaluations, registrations, applications and waivers to navigate many of life’s transitions. 


We are proud to have placed more than 300 employees with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder in community based-jobs.


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