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Successful Employment Paths

Pathways to Meaningful Careers

The path to employment can be overwhelming for anyone, but it may be especially daunting for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder.

We strive to make this journey to employment as easy as possible. Our goal is the same as yours – we want to find you a meaningful and rewarding career.

Through a process called person-centered planning, we help individuals seeking employment define their goals and dreams and then achieve them.

Working Independently

Our individual employment model matches an individual with an employer in a job that fits his/her personal preferences and skill set. We have successfully placed individuals in a wide range of careers including a pharmaceutical company, law firms, county government offices, health clubs, day care centers, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, and pharmacies. 

Our dedicated job coaches provide initial onsite training and then continue to monitor the individual’s progress throughout their entire employment.

Working as part of a team

A team of individuals, usually 4, and an Arc of Westchester Job Coach work together on a job or task in a community work location. The team members usually work part-time and the hours and days they work can be flexible.

For example, the group may work two hours a day for two or three days each week. The type of work may vary but can include clerical tasks, porter maintenance, assembly/factory work or food services.

Support Options

We offer several types of employment and we will help you find the one that is best for you or your child:


Once trained in the job of their choice, an Arc of Westchester job coach provides ongoing support as needed

A group of employees work together on a specific job or task with a great degree of independence.  An Arc of Westchester Job Coach is present to provide supervision as necessary

An individual works with a job coach on a frequent and ongoing basis with a goal of becoming more self sufficient

A group of employees work together on a specific job or task. An Arc of Westchester Job Coach is present to provide frequent and ongoing support

As individuals grow and learn, their employment goals may evolve. Our staff continually works to assist individuals to identify their goals and to help define and refine the needed steps to reach these goals.

Raymond Frost and PetCo

Raymond is 35 years old and he has worked at PetCo for 14 years. He knows all there is to know about your pet needs.


Samantha Makris and the
Kari-Out Company

Samantha has been a proud member of the Kari-Out Company for more than two years. Her strong attention to detail helps fuel Kari-Out’s continued growth.



Not sure where to begin? We will help you with the necessary evaluations, registrations, applications and waivers to navigate many of life’s transitions. 


We are proud to have placed more than 300 employees with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder in community based-jobs.


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