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Our Services


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Family Support

Bringing it all together

The Arc Westchester is partnering with a growing list of community organizations to provide family supports to both children and adults.


PACDS (The Parent Assistance Committee on Down Syndrome) is a parent-led support network serving Westchester County. The group has a long history with The Arc Westchester and provides information and resources for new parents and activities for children and their families.
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PARENT-CHILD GROUP - A friendly and informative group session for babies, toddlers and preschoolers for children with Down syndrome and their families. Monthly meetings on Thursday mornings at GIGI's Playhouse.
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GROW (Group Residents of Westchester) is a parent and family run organization whose dedicated members have volunteered their time for over thirty years to advocate for a full range of support services to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities, particularly in the expansion of community residential opportunities and enhanced services for those living at home.The group advocates for adequate funding necessary to ensure quality of services provided for persons with developmental disabilities/
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Life Planning Center

The Charles R. Kingsley Life Planning Center functions as a central touchpoint for all of the services provided by Arc of Westchester.


Community Services

Arc of Westchester's community services help individuals with developmental disabilities to meet some of their daily challenges.



Working with students school districts, job skills training in an educational setting.