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Our Services


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Home and Community Services

Support whenever you need it

Broad based and individualized support

Arc of Westchester's home and community services help individuals with developmental disabilities meet their daily challenges. We help by providing crisis intervention, individualized support services, in home behavior management, family outreach and Medicaid and non-Medicaid service coordination.


Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention provides a seven-day, 24-hour hotline staffed by a crisis team that can assist callers by stabilizing a crisis and making appropriate referrals to community services, including housing and medical resources.


Individualized Support

Individualized support services help adults to live independently in the community. Intensive supports include service coordination, training in life skills and creating monthly financial budgets in order to maintain independent lifestyles.


In Home Behavior Management Training

The Arc of Westchester knows that some families who care for a child with a developmental disability may struggle with managing the unique behavioral challenges of their child with special needs . Our trained staff are available to provide time-limited (up to 90 days) behavior management service to families in their home at no cost.


Family Outreach

Family Outreach is a team of professionals, including Spanish speaking staff, who work in the community, reaching out to families with a member who has a developmental disability whose needs for services are not being met. Families/individuals receive up to 90 days of service, free of charge, to assess and identify needs and link them to appropriate services.


Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination assists individuals and their families, who are Medicaid-eligible, to coordinate a broad range of services. These include access to governmental benefits and advocacy for services including medical evaluations and appointments, vocational training and career opportunities, educational services, recreational resources and housing.


Self Direction and Support Broker Services

Self Direction & Support Broker Services

What is Self-Direction?

Self Direction means that an individual with developmental disabilities is empowered to choose their mix of supports and services, how and when services are provided, and the staff and/or organization to provide the services.

Who Can Apply for Self Direction Services?

Any OPWDD eligible person, capable of making informed choices or has a legal guardian or personal representative acting on his/her behalf, can apply for Self Direction services.

What are Support Broker Services?

The Support Broker assists in creating, implementing, and maintaining the person’s Self Direction budget based upon the person’s needs. The Broker also helps develop and maintain the Circle of Support and works closely with the MSC to develop a comprehensive plan. A person center planning approach is used to foster inclusion and independence. The Broker assists with identifying services, monitors the person’s expenses and provides guidance and training for self-hired staff.
The budget is reviewed and revised periodically to evolve with the changing needs of each person. All broker services are under the HCBS Waiver and the budget must be approved by OPWDD.