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Transitions Planning

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program for New Yorkers who can"t afford to pay for medical care.
In NYS, there are two primary types of Medicaid: Managed Care and Straight Medicaid. Both types provide a person with medical insurance based on income, but both types of Medicaid DO NOT provide a person with a disability with the supports and services they require to live and work in the community.

Why do I need Medicaid

Medicaid provides people with both medical coverage as well as access to funding for waiver services through OPWDD. Note: Only straight Medicaid AS WELL AS receiving OPWDD eligibility will entitle a person to HCBS waiver services (see below).

How do I get Medicaid?

In addition to the Medicaid application, you will need the following:

  • Proof of age, like a birth certificate
  • Proof of citizenship or status.
  • Recent paycheck stubs (if you are working)
  • Proof of your income from sources like Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran's Benefits (VA), retirement benefits
  • If you or anyone who lives with you is 65 years old or older, certified blind, or certified disabled, you need to give information on bank accounts, insurance policies and other resources
  • Proof of where you live, like a rent receipt, landlord statement, mortgage statement, or envelope from mail you received recently
  • Insurance benefit card or the policy (if you have any other health insurance) Medicare Benefit Card (the red, white and blue card)

Medicaid Toolbox

Helpful Tips

  1. It is possible for a person to own a car and/or a personal residence and still qualify for Medicaid Insurance.
  2. If you are found to be eligible for SSI, you will also have the option of Medicaid Managed Care.
  3. If you have SSI as well as a developmental disability (OPWDD eligibility), you may have the option of several types of Medicaid that provide funding for diverse services.

Need More Help?

Arc of Westchester's Navigation Team is here for you. For more information on how Arc of Westchester can work with you on these many Transitions Issues, contact Carol Gearing of the Arc of Westchester at (914) 495-4620 or by email at [email protected].