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Residential Services

The right residence is very personal

Residential services offer a variety of residential placement opportunities. Person-centered planning guides the placement planning process and the delivery of services to individuals and their families.

Once an individual and their family have selected Arc of Westchester as their residential service provider, residential staff meet with them to ascertain what type of residence is best suited to that person’s needs and preferences.

The goal is to build a service around that individual which takes into account the person’s choices and goals regarding work, recreation and community inclusion.

Residential Opportunities

Our agency offers a wide spectrum of residential opportunities, based upon the level of support and supervision required by an individual. Location, age, staffing levels, clinical services and other factors are also considered. Options range from highly staffed homes, supervised 24 hours per day, to supportive living situations, where staff may provide assistance from 15 to 20 hours per week. Staffing is based upon the needs of the residents in a particular home.  A number of our homes have full handicapped accessibility.

Each home has a residence manager, who supervises the staff, and a team leader or program director, who supervises all programs and oversees the smooth operation of the residence. Our quality assurance department, as well as volunteers from our board of directors, conduct visits in order to monitor the program.

Arc of Westchester operates forty-three residences all over Westchester County. For further information, please call Rosemarie Crisafi, Assistant Executive Director, Residential Services, at 914.949.9300, ext. 4489, or send e-mail to[email protected].