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Technology Webinars

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Arc of Westchester believes that personal technology can make a difference in the lives of many people with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

We regularly offer webinars as a public education outreach, to help our communities learn about the uses of specific software and hardware and how their effective use can help make this world a more inclusive experience for everyone.

Take a Byte Lunchtime

Monthly webinars that serve as a "virtual trade show" in which software and hardware developers have an opportunity to feature their products, spreading the word about personal technology solutions for people with cognitive and other developmental disabilities. These webinars are not endorsements of the featured products and we urge you to learn more about their products and services of these companies and make your own independent, informed use and purchasing decisions. 

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Tech Learning Exchange

Monthly webinars that provide an opportunity to share our tech knowledge with other professionals who help support people with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including agency personnel, rehab professionals and special education teachers.  We don't like limits, so if you don't fit into one of these categories and are still interested in participating, please feel free to join us!  Each webinar features a quick discussion of an app, practical tips and a discussion of some of the daily challenges and successes in the delivery and use of personal technology.

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Tech Ambassadors

A fast-paced weekly webinar that takes place on Tuesdays at 3:15PM EST,  that offers turnkey lesson plans that can be used in day hab, residential, vocational and special education settings. Expand your knowledge of everyday tech and the ways it can be used to help the people we serve each day – in day services, in the community, at work or school and in their homes.

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Tech Slack Forum

Our webinars and Slack online forum provide a collective learning experience that aims to leverage our mutual experiences and skills. 

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