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What is CQL?

CQL is the Gold Standard in our Field

For more than 40 years, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure and improve quality of life and quality of services. We are proud to have received accreditation for 4 years.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo ►
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  • A world of dignity, opportunity and community for all people.


  • CQL is dedicated to the definition, measurement and improvement of personal quality of life.


  • CQL assists communities, systems and organizations to help people discover and define their own quality of life, measure personal quality of life for individuals, organizations and systems and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, people with mental illness and older adults ― and the people, organizations and communities that support them.


  • Develop and implement person-centered quality measures, performance indicators, and evaluation methods

  • Conduct an international accreditation program

  • Provide training, consultation and education to build individual and organizational capacity

  • Conduct research and disseminate information to enhance policy making

  • Provide access to information, innovation, and emerging ideas in quality of life

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