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The Campaign for Arc of Westchester

The Arc of a Life

Leading the Way

Our Campaign Goals

Campaign Goal #1: Arc of A Life — Ensuring a Bright Future

Our Campaign begins with keeping our promise to support the full “Arc of a Life.”

Your contribution can help Arc of Westchester:

  • Increase opportunities for children with autism
    Identify, teach and guide this growing population
  • Expand programs that place young adults in productive jobs 
    Build on the success of our innovative career programs for community employment
  • Keep our people safe during emergencies
    Improve preparedness, equipment and protocols to protect our vulnerable population
  • Enhance our residences
    Provide safer, attractive, energy-efficient homes in our Westchester communities
  • Ensure guardianship services for older adults
    Secure our ability, as the largest provider of guardianship services in New York State, to act in the place of family to deliver quality of life for people who have outlived their families, or whose own families can no longer support them

Campaign Goal #2: Arc of A Life — Forging a Future Defined By Innovation, Excellence and Trust

Our Arc of a Life Campaign supports the comprehensive, innovative program initiatives that enable us to keep our promises for the future. By allowing us the flexibility to fund programs and services that address the most urgent needs of the growing population we serve, as well as cover unfunded expenses related to The Gleeson-Israel Gateway Center, your contribution to the campaign can help Arc of Westchester:

  • Expand and create social benefit businesses
    Grow existing and new profitable businesses that provide employment and career development for people with disabilities.
  • Forge efficient and effective new managed care partnerships
    Create opportunities for greater efficiencies, quality services and governance excellence by seeking out creative partnerships and collaborations (e.g., The Metro Arc Collaborative).
  • Support excellence for the direct care staff
    Provide ongoing development and support of a highly competent direct care workforce, a critical element to providing the high quality care for which Arc of Westchester is known.
  • Provide independence through technology
    Support “smart” technologies to give next-level assistance so people will be safe and independent at home and in the workplace.
  • Provide flexibility to adapt to future challenges
    Ensure continuous excellence in programs, services and facilities in spite of an uncertain economy and rapidly shifting government funding.