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Project SEARCH Success

Finding Talents and Cultivating Skills


Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism was created by NEXT for AUTISM, in partnership with NY-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH), The Arc Westchester, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services and The Center for Autism and the Developing Brain (CADB)

Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism is a one-year internship program for young adults who have graduated from high school with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

During the program, each student completes three internship rotations with New York-Presbyterian in areas including pharmacy, laboratory, information technology, facilities and food/nutrition. The assignments vary in each department and include tasks such as prepping lab test kits, data entry, computer hardware and software maintenance, stocking and organizing medications, painting offices and preparing meals for patients.

At the end of their internships and graduation, participants join our renowned employment program. We not only finds them jobs, but also our job coaches help ease the transition and guide them to success. We work with over 250 local businesses as our employment partners, and can boast a 90% employment rate, which greatly surpasses the national average of 20%.

Meet our Graduates

Meet our Graduates

Meet our Graduates

Meet our Graduates



Meet Our Employers

We are proud to have partnered with more than 250 businesses in Westchester County and salute their dedication to creating diverse workplaces.


Hear From Our Employers

Listen to what some of our employment partners are saying.


John Jaeger and The Home Depot

As part of Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism, John worked with the building services team at NewYork-Presbyterian to prepare conference rooms for meetings and he supported the IT team on a large-scale computer upgrade program. John also worked in one of the hospital’s laboratories, where he excelled at preparing testing kits. John learned how to work independently and with larger groups and he also strengthened his communication skills.

Today, John works at the Home Depot in Mohegan Lake where he manages thousands of dollars in inventory. John also works as a greeter, because enjoys helping people find what they need.

Kyle Siczewicz and Jackson Lewis LLP

During his time with Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism, Kyle received hands-on work experience at NewYork-Presbyterian. He spent time in the pharmacy, checking the expiration dates on medications and helping the pharmacists to process prescriptions. Kyle also conducted complex data entry projects for the NewYork-Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain. Kyle demonstrated his aptitude for complex systematic projects and he also developed his social and interpersonal skills by working with maintenance crews on collaborative projects.

In July 2013, Kyle joined the offices services team at Jackson Lewis LLP in White Plains. In addition to assisting with special projects, Kyle’s responsibilities include filing, copying and organizing supplies.