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Art By: Janet Schuldt

Westchester County Department of Health

What are the First Steps to Receive Early Intervention Services?

There is a referral process to be evaluated for eligibility for your child. The Children’s School for Early Development is approved by New York State to provide both early intervention and pre-school services, under contract with Westchester County.

Who do I contact?

To be evaluated for eligibility to receive early intervention services, contact Westchester County Department of Health, 914.813.5061.Westchester County Department of Health, You will be assigned to an initial service coordinator, who visits the home and explains the process.

If your child is found to be eligible for services, you will work with professional staff to develop a personalized service plan, which must be approved by the Westchester County Department of Health. The completed evaluations are shared with the family.

What is a service coordinator? What do they do?

An ongoing service coordinator selected by the family will assist in locating and scheduling service providers, chosen from the county list, to implement their individualized family service plan.

The Children's School for Early Development is approved to provide Early Intervention evaluations, ongoing service coordination, and Early Intervention services under contract with Westchester County.

What is the cost?

The Children’s School for Early Development charges no fees. The Early Intervention program is funded by New York State and Westchester County, the latter of which may seek reimbursement from your child’s health insurance provider. Coverage includes early intervention services but not the cost of day care or other fees charged in community settings. Although public funds also support many of our pre-school activities, we are dependent upon the generosity of private donors to fund certain innovative and highly regarded pre-school services.

Need More Help?

Arc of Westchester's Navigation Team is here for you. For more information on how Arc of Westchester can work with you on these many Transitions Issues, contact Carol Gearing of the Arc of Westchester at (914) 495-4620 or by email at [email protected].