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Our Services


Art By: Laureen Fitzmaurice

Psychiatric, Psychological, and Psychosocial

Dr. Claudia Sickinger, our Medical Director who trained in psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Hospital, leads a team of professionals in providing services that are tailored to individual needs. Our evaluations involve a wide “circle of support” including family and significant others—consistent with confidentiality and independence—and is considered key to successful treatment. Personal history, psychosocial assessment and the individual’s goals guide the evaluation and treatment process.

Psychiatric Services:
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Evaluation for capacity for informed consent
  • Medication management and consultation
  • Guardianship evaluations
Psychological Evaluations and Services:
  • Diagnostically assess for a developmental disability. All evaluations are prepared by a licensed clinical psychologist trained in intellectual and adaptive assessment techniques.
  • Reviewing medical, developmental, academic, occupational and treatment history; conducting a clinical interview and observation; and administering normatively-based, cognitive-intellectual and adaptive behavioral tests.
  • Developing behavioral interventions
  • Obtaining baseline intelligence and adaptive functional scores
  • Assessing capacity for making informed consent
  • Guardianship evaluations
Psychosocial Evaluation:
  • Comprehensive social history assessment